michael zindell
Welcome to my portfolio site.
I’m a seasoned design ninja — a passionate creative leader with a proven track record for translating trends and ideas into make-able, sell-able, covet-able products.
For 17 years I have worked in the home decor, housewares and gift ware industries. I have managed and motivated design teams, been the official in-house "go-to" guy, as well as a freelance hotshot. I’ve built and managed products from the ground up, worn many hats, and can juggle effectively between being a team player, a team leader, and rogue designer.
As a freelancer- I am a one stop shop. I'm an illustrator, pattern maker, stylist, industrial designer, and product specialist. (which means not only can I design pretty things, but I can technically spec them for production overseas. I know materials, processes and manufacturing like the back of my hand. 
Over the years I've worked on thousands of products that have been sold in many well known retailers. I've also worked directly on private label designs with some pretty cool brands. 
I'm always looking for new partners to work with, particularly retailers and manufacturers for freelance and contract work. Drop me an email and we can start a project together.
Thank you!